Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The New Vegetable Culture

Mushroom Tostada, Curly Kale
Arugula and Radish, Pear Ginger Dressing
I saw a print add the other day from a vitamin company.  In it a guy was sitting at his dinner table in front of a plate of food with copy that read, ' when your everyday food does not give you the nutrition you need, take....xxxx vitamins daily! '  Now isn't that the craziest, stupidest idea ever!  Why eat un-nutritious food. But millions of people do it every day and suffer the consequences.
Why buy it,  prep and cook it.

Chunky Tomato Sofrito, Queso Fresco
What exactly is the point. Along the way, you exhaust your body, waste time, and set yourself up for disease. Add more expense purchasing using vitamins that have little effect compared to a plant based diet steeped in nutritional density. This is the case, in fact, for an enormous part of the Standard American Diet aka, SAD which has little nutrition or no nutrition when compared to the alternative in The New Vegetable Culture.

Consider that for centuries recipes have been based on regional growing with little understanding of the actual health needs of our body chemistry.  Add processing of the fresh food and nutritive value plunges.  Modern nutrition demonstrates clearly that the healthy body does not run as much on carbohydrates, fat and protein as it does from the contents of nutrient dense plant based eating: phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Imagine all the recipes you have eaten based on century old thought continued forward repeating the same foods.  Yes, these dishes might have a touch of cheese or a spot of gluten.  But they are lighter, centered in nutritional density and keep flavors at the focal point. Step by step I make and offer bridge solutions to educate and enjoy. As a culture, food is in need of a spark, an honest, sensible, fit minded SPARK.  So start your body engines and imagine how much energy you would have if you learned to eat and enjoy your food the way of The New Vegetable Culture.  Add the interest, you add the demand for change.  A suggestion from The Vegetable Alchemist.