Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cell Cuisine Gets a Look

No question that the body is one amazing mass of molecules. Molecules make parts. And part by part they make us. They need nourishment. It is essential to know more on a daily basis how we work and what we need. Before you from this Vegetable Alchemist is another update for
Cell Cuisine tm .

This concept and graphics are an entirely new original take on how to focus on self care. Never underestimate the slogan ' You are what you eat.' Cell Cuisine tm is much more than just food. It is about viewing fun things that happen at the molecular level in each of us, that is part food and part body care. Recipes have flavor, color, balance and practical cost, but with a redefined central purpose. This education into self care at every age is the present new norm we all need. Viva la Cell Cuisine tm: vegetables, herbs and spices, alone or added carefully with more ingredients but for a purpose, making a better place for anti-aging, lasting cell care.