Saturday, January 1, 2011

Prediction: End of the ' Tug of War '

The year is 1962. I was ten! I pleaded with my Dad to work in the kitchen at one of our restaurants. He finally agreed. Off I went. The history.

Salad station question to the cooks at 10 years old....'wow, what's behind here? (moving the refrigerator....)..YUK! does my Dad know all that's back there?' many heads turn, many heads say....' no, but let's just put it back and keep it a secret!' Ten year old response....' no way, he'll kill me if he knows I was working and did not clean...' end of story.....suddenly three cooks helped and we were a team on a mission.....

The year is 2011. Horoscope fun:

1) You have wisdom to impart. Whether it lands well is not your responsibility. You will do your best to show someone the way, but ultimately, every person must decide what is best for him or herself.

2) Throw procrastination out the door. Start the year off fresh by getting all the odds and ends tied up. Wipe your slate clean so you can focus on the exciting goals you set. Not everyone will be happy with your choices. 4 stars!

3) Great day for study, writing, editing, or proofing something. You won't overlook details. Your powers of concentration are excellent. This is a very good day to think about your future, the rest of the year, and what you're long-range expectations are. Lief has a curious way of fulfilling our expectations, have you noticed?

Well here we go. It's a Tug of War. Classical fresh food, plant based, but not plant only, made properly and honestly integrated into modern lifestyle has a positive effect on happy me. Classical recipes adapted to manufactured practices, processed and leaving me with no real nutritive digestible happy health are incorrect for the body.

Fun things happen at the molecular level and, like moving the refrigerator to clean, it is time to clean up the last decades of overly processed food and tie one on for fit, fresh food that integrates the recipes of Cell Cuisine
Since 2011 horoscopes seem to be offering me wise thoughts, let's use them. I predict....

The Tug of War
self care is the future.
The Body goes digital, 2011. Cell Cuisine by michael foley
Happy New Year!