Monday, February 15, 2010

Bar Food Needs an Overhaul

Everyone's weekday starts and ends at different times. But somewhere in between, those that care spend some time working out. It just makes sense. No matter if it is walking, hiking, biking, skating, lifting weights, running, swimming or one of a hundred plus other choices we all have, it is just damn good for the body.
For some of us who get that after work or after workout thirst, Chicago has an almost non-stop variety of bars, brew pubs, gastropubs and fun wine bars. However, having a bite at these places can be a challenge. I am just wanting something veggie based, even the most sacred of bars. I want more than a salad, more than hummus and veggies and something that has some culinariessence to it, fully respecting the burger and fry tradition!
I have looked at probably 25 menus or so and couple with weekly specials. I think a fully recognizable dish could be your friendly neighborhood pad thai, full of fun ingredients and sexy with all the slurping. Throw on any protein you love, but give me pad thai, bartender, PLEEZE!
Well, NO was the answer, but no problem, we all headed back to make our own!

Time out while we count the minutes and stirfry!!!

Time in while we eat.......
In case you want a is one from Epicurious....don't worry about the list. It is simple, straight forward and not expensive. Cooking goes fast, especially over a couple of beers or a glass of a favorite wine. Enjoy!