Friday, June 3, 2011

Science and Food Common Sense

Spring Farmers Markets. Get out there!

One wise person once said, 'Common Sense, if it was so common, more people would have more of it.' This injected comment is not about being critical. It demonstrates that we are in a new age for body and biology and sometimes like when the computer hit the world, you just have to wise up and see the handwriting on the wall before your nose touches it.

The most important is to redesign recipes for what science and the computer has offered the last years and start to be honest about how to educate great body care. Quality care in life no matter the year. Fun, flavorful, colorful strategic recipes made from a new modern cuisine rooted in science and wise food prepartations meant for a happy diner.

More to come soon: A Fish in your Medicine Cabinet!? There is a better way. Omega 3 Fish Stories from the Deep. Meanwhile, head to the new Summer veggie markets and with a touch of seasoning, olive oil and garlic, grill those new fresh onions for burgers pastas, snacks and best of all, to enrich your body! Tasty, too!