Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Cellular Junk

I have been a businessman, chef and restaurateur all my life, but always wanted to be an athlete. Regardless of 50 plus, two months ago I decided to head back and become competitive learning to ride dressage or jumping at various heights on horses. It takes stamina, attentiveness, being in good shape and a sensible attitude to always be prepared like a boy scout....or girl scout! Always.

Got a trainer, started to cross train: run, swim, pilates, bike and various tai chi stretching for the mind, a little each day. Loving the horse and the fun workouts! But as they say....no pain, no gain. And until I get up to speed and even staying there, after a month my body felt like a punching bag. So... of course....one has to head to the bar, see and laugh with ladies, roust his buddies and yuk it up to remember he is still human and have some social networking fun!

Meanwhile, training mindset returns to say, 'time to see this is hard work.' To do this you have to not only change what you eat, but your life, and a lot! Even get rid of some of your CELLULAR JUNK, the stuff left over in your body and cells from day to day living as time goes on regardless of how hard you try to eat well. We all have it. And it cloaks you inside and out! Young can do, but cellular junk has to go! I made a long term plan.

Vegetable Alchemy with its vegetables, herbs and spices again to the rescue. A bevy of enzymes, minerals and vitamins to help me degrade my 'cellular junk'...best part about it..yummy too! homemade curry with a veggies quick stirfry and mussels..hmmmmm, good! I can feel the scrubbies at work. Happy Vegetable Alchemy day!