Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Nano Kitchen

What does a veghead spring roll have to do with the nano kitchen? Everything. But more importantly WHAT is the nano kitchen? Imagine those chopsticks saying: 'michael foley's nano kitchen at your service!' The nano kitchen, it is you, it is me. We are this wonderful place inside of us where food makes its most compelling impact. Inside out, or from the outside in, we see it everyday in the mirror. We are what we eat, and I have always said, 'FUN things happen at the molecular level.'

Nano, a smaller form of molecular. So next time you step up to order or make your favorite spring roll, consider the nano kitchen where eating for a purpose gets you the best kind of 'self care' you can enjoy. Add those herbs you love, in this case it is mint.

Mint, comes in many varieties where Spearmint is probably the most popular. Added to sauces, dressings, cakes, toothpaste or simply as a garnish it probably originated in the Asian or Mediterranean close areas as often represents a sign of friendship in history. Rich in Vitamin A and C it also has smaller amounts of B2. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant. I love it in spring rolls because FRESH is the name of the game. Cook it and it changes and loses potency. For those of you who might be allergic to mint, replace it with basil, same family, different face! 'Fun things happen at the molecular level.' Vegetable Alchemy at your service!