Monday, July 7, 2014

The Case of My Better Burger

Turkey Burger with all fixins'
I want a lighter burger. I want a lot more nutritional density in the end result. I do not want to redefine a burger into something that it is not, which often happens with those working towards Innovation. Luckily success came in revisiting work I have been doing for The Mushroom Council and taking it to another level .  There we test and share all kinds of ideas using fresh, roasted, oven dried, dehydrated and other forms of many mushrooms swapping out various proportions of meats in burgers, meat loaf, meatballs and more.  
pan searing for a touch of crustiness

I was not willing to give up the bun, and could easily find a decent gluten free version, but chose instead one of whole wheat.  I wanted no addition salt, and as always I am committed to flavor as tasty eating is one of the true gifts in life.  I finally decided not to be extreme in these next step tests as when you set out on a path of extreme, results are often murky.  You have to establish a successful new base line, then drive further after you hit your first goals. In this case of the next age burger I found some spectacular results. A true journey is born!

chop mushrooms, add seasoning

A pound of ground turkey thigh meat met a touch of low
sodium soy and a little Dijon Mustard.  As always I make
renditions with various proportions of mushrooms to meat,
grinding, chopping, roasting, baking and not to forget raw
as additions n the mix.  Voila, before you, I share one
nutrtionally dense greens and red onion mix
rendition you will enjoy in your own experiments.