Thursday, July 10, 2014

From Cold to Hot: Tuscan Kale Soup

About to simmer salad leftovers to a great soup!
Soup is a good meal.  I wrote about a couple of them recently because like millions of us, we just like soup!  With this one, I can see that themes in cooking, like a Tuscan Kale Salad can easily be converted into a super Tuscan Kale Soup. You learn in the process how to season cold to hot temperature dishes, and the benefits of  enhancing the flavor of one ingredient with another. For example, the fantastic fresh tomato flavor in a salad gets a little watery when hot. You can enhanced it with canned  tomato in a soup.  A great quality canned tomato goes a long way in satisfying savory deliciousness for cook and diner.

So when you get the chance, go to it. Turn that yesterday Tuscan Salad of fresh slivered kale, cannellini beans, roasted garlic, sliced radish with  parsley, basil and rosemary into a soup. Use the leftovers. Cover them with stock. Add a small can of great quality canned tomatoes like Carmelina 'e San Marsano from Mangia Inc.  A little more seasoning and a squeeze of lemon and.... SOUP'S ON !
from The Vegetable Alchemist!