Sunday, July 6, 2014


tasty, fresh corn soup
At this time of year corn starts to come in from local markets, sweet and tasty.  Lime, tabasco, salsas, and your own favorite garnishes add to each mouth of crunch.  I saw a recipe for a corn soup that I adapted for more nutritional density as wll as the flexibility of serving it hot or cold.  After
all dress up for a picnic

husking a dozen ears, I cut off and reserved the kernels, then simmered the empty ears and a small chopped onion in vegetable stock for an hour partially covered for a tasty broth.  a friend from La Boite Epicerie in New York has a fantastic curry flavored spice, Vadouvan N.28 .  I reduced the broth by 1/3, then added a mounded tablespoon of Vadouvan, half the corn and blended away with a touch of salt and lime and finished by stirring in the rest of the corn.  A 'cup a soup' is a fantastic easy start to any meal if not even a meal in itself.  Hot or cold got topped with shreds of cilantro, green onion and kale.  And for a picnic I added a little more spice from another blend from La Boite, Cataluna N.22 since the blend is so aromatic with a base of pimenton, and smoked cinnamon. Check out  The Vegetable Alchemist