Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Art of Transformation

tasty curried shredded cabbage, greens and broccoli
Changing Habits can be challenging, in fact difficult.  A week ago I put out 'The Quest', to make changes to my work out schedule, and form a new consistent method to how and what I eat.  The goal is to focus on a height to weight ratio of 5'10" and 170 lbs, 27 lbs less than a week ago.  To be clear, I was not looking for a diet but to test my idea of a new Cell Cuisine shaped out of Vegetable Alchemy that would offer more flexibility, much more energy, less stress on the body skeletal and organ structure and because of all of it, a more sustainable and longer approach to living, as each of our bodies is our own eco-system. 

As of yesterday, 5 days into the project, on a comfortable tasty plant based menu which I posted daily my weight has gone from 198.9 lbs to 191.1.  My hope is to drop to 189 by Monday, a decent start and with no regrets.

curry rubbed pork chop adds to the salad
What I gleaned in the first week I want to share.  When I stepped on the scale yesterday, my mind kept pleading, 'please be more loss that 197 lbs.!'  I literally could not see that much discernible difference in losing the first  8 lbs!  Second, I realize how much stress a poor body to mass index has on the organs and skeletal structure as running, swimming, biking or any other details, even simple everyday walking carry weight past my needs. 

But more importantly what I have found is that I have learned a fantastic amount of information about my body and how what I eat effects my moods, my flexibility, my daily work and in effect my relationships.  I am in the midst of a complete positive physical transformation. In short, I simple feel noticeably healthier.  So on to phase two.  My goal is not gaunt, straggly skin and clothes that do not fit, but a decent looking body that likes to enjoy life to the fullest and learn a lot more about living on the way.  The Vegetable Alchemist.

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