Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday's CAT

designed to get you past HUMP DAY !
This Belgian Styled Japanese 'session' beer named Wednesday's CAT is especially made for HUMP DAY and, as noted on the label, 'can help you get through the rest of the week.'  So seeing this outstanding graphic yesterday at a local store, it reminded me it's time to take stock this middle Wednesday and make sure we know our goals and direction.

The Vegetable Alchemist is about great tasting, nutritionally dense food that offers a lot of variety in simple preparations that keep you fit with energy focused on the active in mind.  This means staying away from dead calorie recipes and highlighting the complete opposite with lots of nutrient  rich salads, legumes, herb, spices and foodstuffs that showcase the phyto-nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that bring good things to life and certainly will get you past HUMP DAY!!  Happy Wednesday.  The Vegetable Alchemist