Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sustainably You

The Garmin's business to consumer Connection
Cell Cuisine: My form of business to business.  The Cell to Cell Connection. Food cells to your body cells.  To me, cell to cell is in the context of you understanding you are your own eco-system.  You need to know what you need for your body and then focus on ways that food, recipes, producers, suppliers, retailers and manufacturers can offer you what you need, because  food needs to be cell to cell, not recipes offering old nutritional data based on calories that do not support modern information on cell to cell living.

Most people have no idea of what they and their bodies need to stay healthy. The routine is not to consider it until they are overweight or have health problems. What should be proactive becomes reactive and you lose control of your own eco-system.  It is not a matter of dieting. It is a matter of staying connected with your body's needs and updating that connection with information from credible sources that have you and your health in mind from cell to cell thinking.

Historically we don't grow up taking much responsibility for our bodies other than what food manufacturers and the government have offered. But there is a new self-sustaining era afloat now and the more you really understand in a clear fun way, the better you are.  Easily accessed updated information is great power.  Stay connected to The Vegetable Alchemist as the months go on with ways to learn what you need.  You are your own Eco System and you need to have information that supports you.