Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stepping back into Shape

fixing the mindset
On any given day, rain or shine I would rather play a round of golf than watch a round on TV.  Playing reminds you of your body status as the swing moves in balance or not.  In playing you invest not as much in golf as you do in being in shape.  And wearing a worn golf glove, just like hitting with an out of shape body works against your hands and form in hitting the ball.   Palms and fingers get tense from the torn fabric and swing after swing produces rubbing that slowly tears at layers of skin.  It is not sensible to patch a worn golf glove.  But it is sensible to fix your body after years of not.
well seasoned for simple conditioning 

I hit over 500 golf balls yesterday, slow 7 irons, routine 5 irons, driver, then back to easy pitch and runs with that torn golf glove just to remember how good it felt to put on a new one.  After short steam and swim I could have pounded cocktails at a local hangout to hydrate.  Instead I took a different path and thought how to get my swing back into a great shape after leaving the game for over 20 years.  It's a combination of flexibility, coordination, focus and muscle.  There is no bad time to put your worn body back into shape.  The good thing is, unlike a golf glove you can!  And my bet is that it will happen a lot faster than finding my authentic swing again, but who cares, getting fit is half the fun.  The rest is feeling it! 

Attached is a light spinach, arugula, bean sprout and herb vinaigrette salad tossed with a hefty sprinkle of tumeric and four kinds of peppercorns. Great for the skin, simple, light, tasty, and effective for working back into shape.