Friday, June 20, 2014

Planned-Overs....More Density for your Dollar

Planned over Pizza Salad ready for action
In working on new Nutritionally Dense recipes I have to say, that one of the keys to getting a good cost on a dish is usage.  Kitchen after kitchen testing recipes pays for 100% of the raw product and throws out 60% as they only use the beautiful cuts or forget about what they don't use in the frig and the garbage is the next recipient.  Your kitchen might be the same!

A new day gets a new dish: Stuffed Omelet
Here's one idea for evening over nutritionally dense salads. They actually keep well overnight.  Turn the mixes into a host of new applications.  This one is easy, my Salad Pizza from last night, where a Marinara no cheese pizza was topped with the mixed greens (yesterday's blog) converts to a little  breakfast omelet today. I added a touch of water to lighten the two eggs when whipping them together.  No salt or pepper needed.  And of course if egg whites rock your omelet pan, then let the egg whites begin!

Two flavorful notes: the night over pizza marinara slices really add flavor to the greens, so I just scraped off the salad and popped them into the toaster.  And for this combination I realized I add a touch of color to the omelet instead of cooking it lightly as I usually do as I like the extra caramel toast against the whole combination.

While this time I just folded in the salad as it, I can see hundreds of opportunity to stir fry these dense greens with all kinds of flavors into next day wonders.  So, have today's wonder from The Vegetable Alchemist, nutritionally dense recipes for the taking!