Friday, June 27, 2014

Tomatoes: a case study

Tomatoes.... one of the world's healthiest vegetables.  High in Vitamin C, rich in anti-oxidents, brimming with heart positive lycopene, and great in other phytonutrients that assist in body health including better bones! And since phytonutrients like fresh tomatoes or better yet tomato juice bathe our bodies in ways that are so good, I had to tackle a published recipe that would assist in adding taste to not so tasty tomatoes.  Enter quick marinaded tomatoes.

The larger the tomato the more the juice, the more the leaching of the water from the tomato into the finished mix.  Make the marinade and adjust the time of marinading according to the size and intended eating time.  Practice in most things makes perfect and my first thought on how long to marinade had to do with the ripeness (not very), the cut (eighths) and the amount of moisture ( a lot!).

Drops of oil, an inch of fresh sliced lemongrass, a tablespoon of fresh chopped ginger with a smashed garlic clove, a drop of cider vinegar,a cinnamon stick for fragrance, and a bit of finely chopped left over mustard greens. Finish with a tablespoon of sambal oelek or other Asian Chili paste for a kick with a few cups of tomatoes, cut depending on size.  Normally I would save left over juices for a tasty addition to a salad but these we so good I drank ever last drop in the bowl!  The Vegetable Alchemist.
Quick Marinaded Tomatoes