Friday, May 2, 2014

Rolex fuels thoughts in creating a Fantastic Asparagus Sandwich....

Roasted Pencil Asparagus Sandwich
Well it's Friday and I'm just back from working at the Rolex in Lexington. The watch company sponsors a three day event in its own name where timing is everything. Each rider gets challenged in dressage, cross country eventing and finally jumping on the last day. That is if you are in the top group of the best clocked scores of the two previous days.  Makes me hungry just thinking it. 

Dressage: Last Minute Competition Prep
Even though today is a bit rainy and dreary in Chicago, it's Spring! I got a few hands of the the first tiny asparagus of the seasons from a Farmer's Markets on the way back. A toss with drops of EVOO, a touch of Himalayan or Sea salt with fresh pepper and I am ready.  At 5 minutes in a preset 400 degree oven lunch is on....clean, tasty and a mouthful of Spring wonderfulness in each bite!  Opps, almost forgot.  I rubbed a bit of fantastic grain bread with a touch of honey mustard just before I sandwich the pile of green gustos into the pocket.  fresh, natural and from the farm to the Vegetable Alchemist.  Eat well, stay active, have fun!