Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And Along Came Ferran

the dynamic duo !
looking at food with a different lense
Not long ago Chef Ferran Adria of ebulli restaurant fame came to Chicago to promote his new book. There is no doubt that his research and continual persistence to open doors showcasing food in relative ways makes more opportunity for thinking of the simplest eating and its effect on our longevity and daily health, a far different topic than fancy plate cuisines.

Last month I headed by Ferran's event with a couple of friends to talk about food, its history and the impact of molecular gastronomy on cooking, chefs, the public and the future.  During that afternoon with Ferran  I confirmed with myself that there is no better impact for the future of food than the impact of eating right, not by marketed food companies selling what does not make you healthy but what is convenient, but by what is really healthful for the body.   From snacks to breakfast lunch and dinner it is important to understand the impact of fresh food on your body.  And it only takes understanding that to want to make the time to put together or chose more healthful eating.  The Health and Science section of THE WEEK, April 18, 2014 recently highlighted an article from the Washington Post and its conclusion from The University College of London tracking 65,000 people over 12 years.  Take a look, the results are staggering.....

slightly steaming offers a lot of carrot flavors
But the real exciting impact of this study just confirms my joy of eating this fantastic Tostada de Zanahorias from a favorite local tequila spot in Chicago, Big Star.  So as they say, 'Have at It' and try your hand at constructing this fantastic Taco of Carrots: steamed carrots, peanut and arbol chile salsa, red onions, pea tendrils, queso fresco, fresh mint and cilantro.  I had to have three after an hour of pilates workout!  Flavor, texture, crisp satisfaction and energy galore!