Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Magnificent Herbivore

The next four days I am in Lexington, Kentucky working at Rolex, an International Horse Show. While horses are herbavores I am certanly not seeing a whole lot of vegetables around this town unless it is in the form of cole slaw (fantastic) and head lettuce (not so fantastic with all the creamy cheesy dressings).  But when you see the sights, the sunshine and the country side, it's the daily routine of what you bring to the table in your own tasty plant based comfort food with what you do to keep yourself in shape that speaks to your own level of discipline.
Eat Well, Be Active, Have Fun.

This is a photo from the Thoroughbred rating exam.  This guy past with flying colors as hundreds of spectators looked on at some truly amazing animals. The cross county event starts tomorrow, Thursday.  To the horse!  The fitness is within him.