Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Asian Salad 1-2-3

Salad can be as simple as grab a bag full of greens and have some fun.  Try this. A friend of mine, Chef Dan Kelly and I put this together in minutes for a group one afternoon.  Our 'rice mice' were the hit of the party! 

Asian Style Very Veggie Salad with Niguri ‘rice mice’ Chips, Wasabi Dressing
Using Dole Very Veggie Salad Kit
Prep   Time:  25 minutes
Serve Time:  15 minutes

½ cup rice wine vinegar
2  teas wasabi powder
2  teas fresh ginger
1  teas sugar
¾  cup  canola oil
2   teas sesame oil
Salt and freshly ground white pepper

1   cup  cooked and flavored sushi rice
2   tbl    white sesame seeds
2   tbl    dark sesame seeds
1   pak   Dole, Very Veggie Mix
½  cup   red pepper strips, 3 X ¼ inch
1            Gala apple, sliced thinly

Place the first four ingredients in a large 10 inch bowl.  Slowly stream in the canola oil.  Finish the dressing with stirring in the sesame oil.  Season with salt and fresh pepper to taste.
Form the cooked and flavored sushi rice into small 2 oz oval balls.  Mix the sesame seeds  together in a small bowl and individually roll the sushi ovals on all sides with the sesame seeds.

Heat a ten inch skillet to medium.  Add 3 tbl of olive or vegetable oil and carefully brown the ovals on all sides.  Set aside to drain on a paper towel.  

Add a ½ cup of the wasabi dressing to a bowl.  Toss in the Dole Very Veggie Salad Mix and gently turn into the dressing.  Plate to small bowls or a large serving platter.  Add the crispy sushi ovals to the bowls and even distribute the red pepper strips and apple slices.