Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Body Smart the New Fashion Way

There we all were, involved in business with this mad discussion on recipes, and, while listening, I kept thinking and thinking......' Really???'  There is nothing new here in this conversation.  I want something modern..... and they are all talking about 'enlightening ' readers but with 'old news',  for surely nothing being said is any where near evolutionary or revolutionary.  I want a simple clear link to body smart thoughts on vegetables, herbs, fruits and spice.....?

As the meeting turned to lunch, it was clear to me that my foodie boasting compatriots were not enamored with the clean taste of their salads and veggie sides, as all drowned them in massive amounts of dressing, soy, condiment and other various goops.  " Whaaat?" they asked when they saw me watching the sacrifice?   

And then that link came to me! Make it a road map to my goal! ......and voila!  The new Body Navigator for The Vegetable Alchemist, well thought out flavors that link to a reason.  And a
food and body connection par none was born!