Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Case for Cell Cuisine

I know I could age much slower if I change the way I eat and overhaul my lifestyle to be far more active.  While I love classical, traditional and even contemporary to fusion food, I have been looking for something more out of food and not a diet. I want a lifestyle.  I want the food I eat to have more of an impact on my energy and longevity.  I want to understand food and its relationship with my body on a biological level.  So I decided to make this the new stage in my career as well as a business in itself.

I realized that while all the cuisines I cooked were exciting and the countries intriguing to visit, I see a disconnect between those recipes and what I want today. I want food that makes me feel younger not older.  I feel a need for a new kind of recipe that is all about the body, so I set out to create my own cuisine.

In his book, Ending Aging, Aubrey de Grey says, “The most realistic way to combat aging is to rejuvenate the body at the molecular and cellular level, removing accumulated damage and restoring us to a biologically younger state.”  What Aubrey suggests is a marriage of biology, information technology and quantum physics.  While it will take the next decade to create new technology to prevent aging, I have a need for that now!  NOW is the time to act from a food point of view.  Now is my time to design a cuisine that will do as Aubrey is saying…..rejuvenate the body at the molecular and cellular level!

In the book, The Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss mentions “your biography is your biology” or, translated, you look as you live.  I believe that, but I also believe you have to be conscious of how you are aging and reverse that idiom.  At that point, make your “biology become your new biography.” Take a look at you in the mirror and decide to change your biology through food and fitness with a new set of rules that will offer a better biology.

With that realization in mind, nine years ago I set out to research, starting with books like Jean Carter’s Food Pharmacy and hundreds more like it that were steeped in a New Biology of thinking towards health and longevity.  Together they started me on a new lifestyle.  I call this lifestyle, Vegetable Alchemy: Vegetable because I apply a plant based diet, though not plant-only diet-- as the core for recipes, and Alchemy because these recipes offer a new kind of ‘elixir’ to the body. Coupled with a little minor fitness, the principles of Vegetable Alchemy offer a kind of rejuvenation needed to rebuild energy in a most realistic way.

Now, the only cuisine I want to cook is a cuisine that is centered on the body with flavor-filled recipes that offer better cell nutrition. That is why I subtitled Vegetable Alchemy, “the new architecture of food.” The recipes are motivated by the cell, not the geographically-centric regional foods that are the basis of centuries old cuisine.

The January/February Harvard Business Review has an article called,
“Wanted: A First National Bank of Innovation!”

I want that title changed to say.   “Wanted: A First National Bank of Innovative Recipes for Cell Longevity. Recipes That Restore Accumulated Damage to the Body at the Molecular Level!”  That could be the title of my work.  Cell Cuisine ™ and Michael Foley are a now the new metaphor.

This is what Vegetable Alchemy and I am about.  I want to take 50-plus age and turn it into being younger--at what you now call 35!  I am tying together my food and fitness with research to push for longevity at the molecular level.  This CELL CUISINE is both good for the body and good for the EARTH.  It provides nutrition, satiation and umami, the Japanese notion of full essence of taste! Vegetable Alchemy with Cell Cuisine has many goals, but clearly the mission is longevity.

WE all will age.  Whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or more, it is how you take care of your cells that makes a difference.  In Vegetable Alchemy I define cell nutrition as much more than food. Look for the updates.  But clearly after spending 37 years of my life cooking in kitchens and in business around the world, I have said to myself, “I want those years back.”

I would love your support for what I am doing.  There is an entirely new healthy life and business in my Cell Cuisine: A life that offers longevity of the mind, the body and the earth.  It’s all about longevity.  Stop by again and see how!