Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Testing in the Kitchen

a more sustainable burger

Simple thoughts on compounded vegetable burgers offer a lot of promise.  Too many are not gluten or dairy free, too many have gum pastes and all sorts of 'natural' but not so natural food products for flavorings.

using the mix for meatballs

These are the beginning of a series of tests on how legumes will work more effectively in many forms.  Step by step.  I have to check everything from basic quality of the legume, to method of cooking and binding.  It took Edison 1000 tests to make his light bulb. 

Cannot say for sure but these ideas on no soy, gluten free and no dairy are certainly a labor of patience in the name of more sustainable foods. But this guy is not counting......time for a toasted bun, a some homemade Chipotle mayo, shaved cabbage or spinach and tomato....YUM!

The Vegetable Alchemist.