Friday, August 15, 2014

Salt for Bitter

tasty kale Caesar finessed with a touch of salt
In a recent cocktail challenge in Paris competing bartenders turned to salt as a finishing ingredient to strengthen and enhance flavors, as.... 'Salt reinforces the natural sweetness in other ingredients, which can help to balance any bitterness or added bitter.'

Such is the effect in this fantastic two kale Caesar styled salad where the anchovy is worked into toasted bread crumbs with a touch of salt, then tossed into a light lemon vinaigrette.  Taste and appearance add so much to how we value our food.  And this dish is utterly delicious.

Nutritionally rich salads add another brick to the wall of evidence that a little daily exercise, lowering stress in your work day and having meals from smart plant based recipes combine to keep you lean, fit and mellow, a formula that continues to demonstrate a long, healthy life.

The Vegetable Alchemist.