Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Much Weight is Enough?

Yesterday I mentioned my quest to change my lifestyle from a full working chef/ restaurateur to another that allows me a different lifestyle.  I wrote about wanting to return to playing amateur sports especially golf and what I need to do to make that happen.  In changing my daily routine I have had to adjust to working out more, sleep, what I eat, how I focus and on new goals.  I have had to deal with my weight, my flexibility, my endurance, and in general, the bleak condition of my body at present and be patient and smart as to how I cross train, mentally as well as physically to get me into shape and on to a long fun life.

fun, but not my thought for nutritionally rich food!
I have been comparing the heights and weight of individuals suggested by professionals supporting  healthier nutritional dense eating with those of successful athletes in the low or no contact sports I want pursue or use in cross training.  Some of these are: swimming, running, biking, hiking, riding horses, tennis and, kayaking, and of course, golf. 

It is interesting to see the similarities in height to weight suggested by those experienced in nutritionally rich eating and those who are actual athletes in size.  In the former category height to weight is suggested as follows:  5'0': 105 lbs; 5'10": 155 lbs; 6'2": 175 lbs or 5 lbs per inch over 5 feet.

Add strength building to the latter and you increase the body to mass index and so a little more weight becomes evident.  When I looked at the reality of weight to height for top professional male golfer contenders I found:  5'9": 150 lbs; 5'9" 160 lbs; 5'11": 170 lbs; 5'11": 175 lbs; 6'2": 180 lbs; 6'3": 180 lbs; 6'4": 190 lbs.  All of these can drive the ball past 300 yards demonstrating other training factors for this.

When I adjust down for not adding professional muscle and strength building workouts for a nutrient dense comparison on height and weight, numbers, with slight exception to body types, are remarkably consistent to those on nutrient dense longevity eating. I see my goals for an amateur and nutrient dense eating weight clearly determined and a direction in mind. Consider you own activity to food and weight goals.  To me a happy long healthy life are worth it! 
The Vegetable Alchemist.