Monday, August 11, 2014

A Fountain of Youth

Nike does it step by step.  What about you?
This is a week to discuss Sustainably Active Us.  Nutritionally dense foods coupled with a good active life offer a glowing opportunity for a happy healthier life.  Add tasty, reasonably priced recipes and I am in the game both feet and all body full speed ahead.

Yesterday the conversation on food shifted to discussions on weight, BMI and sports or athletic activities people enjoy as part of a goal to train, compete or just look good and stay healthy.  As the discussion continued it is clear that some sports build body mass: weight training, contact sports like football, basketball, hockey, wrestling.  You just need body mass to survive and compete.

Other sports thrive on less weight:  running, biking, riding a horse, swimming, tennis and soccer where speed and agility combine with lightness.  Chose your activity to fit your goals. But add food that assists great cell nutrition.  Emerge your own fountain of youth.  In this approach, there is still no finish line.

The Vegetable Alchemist