Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tale of Two Stir fry

When you look in your refrigerator and see a number of cups of individual vegetables it is time to think: Stirfry!  As usual there is the choice of cutting all the vegetables and making one dish.  But why not group the vegetables by their texture and make two.  At least that is what I am presenting today.

One dish is stronger flavors: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and kale cut into larger pieces and tossed with a touch of vegetable oil in a hot wok.  Add chopped
Stirfry Cabbage and Onion
garlic and touch of fresh ginger, then finished with drops of soy and oyster sauce.  Deeelish!  Dish two had less ingredients with more spicy finishes:  Sichuan hot and sour cabbage.  Cut slivers of cabbage and onion then stirfry with chopped garlic and ginger in drops of chili oil. A teaspoon of tangy apple cider vinegar and chili garlic paste adds the final touch.  No sugar, the onions easily provided the sweetness.  Side by side, two dishes, one meal, easy clean up and done in a wok in less than 5 minutes for both.  the Vegetable Alchemist.
Sichuan Sweet and Sour Cabbage
Two Proud Fast and Furious Stirfry