Monday, June 16, 2014

Swimming in Watercress

Salmon in a 'living' Watercess Vegetable Soup
A remarkable discovery in flavor and positive effect on my lungs!  A 4 oz piece of salmon seared skin side down with a pinch of sea salt, white pepper and teaspoon of dried basil on the flesh while cooking to crisp on the range top.  Yesterday's watercress vegetable soup warmed with more fresh ginger before a two minute slow simmer skin side up on top of the vegetables to keep the skin crisp and salmon lightly pink.

To plate, chop half a bunch of 'living' watercress without the dirt clot and place in a service bowl. Place the salmon on the fresh 'living' watercress in the bowl.  Enhance the soup by stirring in to dissolve a bit of yellow miso and pour around the salmon.  The flavor is outstanding, the effects are terrific.  If you swim you will love the results of fresh watercress on opening up you lungs for an easier breath.  A least I did. ( Living Watercrss is about $2.49 in the produce section, depending on the market.)  Today's note from The Vegetable Alchemist.