Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chop, Slice and Dice to Feel Great

trim stems. slice thin.  maximize broccoli.
The more I want to stay slim, feel great and eat well, I have learned I need to take things into my own hands!  It is easy when you like working in the kitchen to see that waste is a big part of veggies that does not have to be. 
finely slice strong radish, shred fennel and cabbage
tear lettuces, peel carrots, break cauliflower

Follow two key factors in getting great usage out of everyday and specialty vegetables.  First maximize the usage and learn how not to throw away what is fantastic in flavor. You need to learn how to cut veggies for the intended use.  Chunks for soups, fine cuts for salads and lighter recipes.  Correct cutting enhances palatability. Second, find a flavor point that you want to combine with your nutrient dense one off veggie or a mixture of creative produce so that you are elated with the taste of the final dish.

Prep Smart. Eat Well. Feel Fantastic. The Vegetable Alchemist.
paprika finishes a mustard vinaigrette for zip