Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trasnsitions in Beef n Broccoli

The Traditional Beef n Broccoli
The stir fry was a method created to conserve fuel in China.  Vegetables and meat were cut smaller and cooked in the pan designed to be fuel efficient, the Wok. Everything took only minutes, sometimes seconds to cook.  The bigger the number of portions, the larger the wok but food cuts remained small.  So designing small cut vegetables and designing the Wok, made the goal of conserve precious fuel become reality.

My goal is to preserve and extend my precious health with a thorough addition of nutrient dense greens and vegetables to my everyday eating.  A little beef hits a small amount of vegetable oil in a hot wok preceded by aromats like garlic, onion and ginger.  With cut broccoli tossed and followed by two inch cuts of chard, mustard green, kale and dandelion, a few teaspoons of soy and oyster sauce to finish make this updated beef 'n broccoli a favorite as Beef n' Veggies! Remember: Don't discard the tough broccoli stems.  Use a pairing knife and trim or peel off the outside greener layer, then cut lengthwise against the grain as a way to soften the vegetable fibers and make them a lot more palatable. Tasty, quick and your bod will enjoy an upgrade on nutritional density.  Thoughts from The Vegetable Alchemist......
The Addition of Nutritionally Tasty Greens
Transition to naming Beef n' Veggies