Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tale of two Kales

I have always been interested in bistro styled vegetarian fare.  It's practical, generally priced favorably, colorful, flavorful and usually just hits the spot.  Usually, but not always.  I realize the body loves vegetable and plant based recipes.  However you have to get the MIND to want to say it's okay!  The key here is two fold: 1) you have to identify what exactly your body is craving when you eat as if you are smart and drill down on that inner voice, that is most times what the body needs nutritionally 'and, 2) It has to meet your taste receptors in a way that satiates so you don't walk away with you mind telling you that you are still hungry and need to eat again and again.

Its fantastic that American kitchens are trying more and more to add veggies like kale to menus and home recipes.  It is packed with vegetable protein.  But you have to understand the nature of what makes it tasty.  I always enjoy a variety of cole slaws that can come from many ingredients: kale to cabbage and other vegetables.  Important is the cut of the vegetables and the dressing that satiates.  In one picture here is perfectly cut julienne veggies with baby and coarsely chopped kale.  The deal breaker was the lemon vinaigrette that was so tart it was hard to digest the coarse chopped kale.  Even a touch of honey would have made it all more palatable as the composition was excellent, although the more mature kale could have been cut much finer .  

The second kale slaw was simply finer chopped kale but with the peanut dressing adding umami and this style of emerald kale cut finely, it definitely was the reason I ordered a second dish.  So I give you a slaw with that dressing from the 'kitchn' .  Use kale and  take the time to chop it finely so it's more tasty.  Don't over dress the greens.  Then go about trying the more colorful kale above and improve on the lemon vinaigrette with your own thoughts for umami possibly with a touch of honey and fine short strips of nori to add depth.  Happy Thursday.