Thursday, July 26, 2012

Smoooooth Success!

A year ago I was off doing a flavor conference in Napa Valley.   Happily I had an evening to spend afterwords as normally when I am done,  I am heading to the red eye flight for that late pm return and early start on the next day.   A group of us got together for a few late night snacks and the conversations about global cooking took a lot of paths.  I found myself sitting across from Andrea Nguyen, a truly great cook, fabulous writer and intriguingly wonderful person.  Andrea talked about her life on the road while research a new book of hers:  Asian Tofu (ten speed press)

In her honor I settled into one of her recipes, 'Silken Tofu and Edamame Soup'. While I know there is a lot of conversation about soy and I am taking a serious look at scads of data, this dish rocks!

Go for it.  Sumptuous and rewarding.  A bit of caution.  Carefully follow the amount of rice and edamame.  Too much rice leaves an over creamy mouthfeel.  Too much edamame or overcooking same can lead to a somewhat unrefreshing nose.  In short, my suggestion is to 'follow the recipe', at least until you try it Andrea's way.   Many thanks, Andrea for another great book!

Silken Tofu and Edamame Soup