Monday, December 5, 2011

May We Suggest.......

Monday, 4:30 am. and the week starts as usual, updating myself on the last of weekend news while looking at upcoming events in finance, politics, health and wellness, food, beverage and sports. Having gotten through an hour of global posts my eye turns attention to 'sports' and the Tiger Woods win at the Chevron Tournament. Bravo, bravo, bravo and happiness to him all! In an interview Woods makes a clean statement that people do not see how hard it is to win, let alone stay in shape mentally and physically winning back to back tournaments. I play the video and watch that nine iron careen over the bunker and with the right spin drop six feet from the hole. Gutsy and great, that shot and the final putt makes him the Winner. Fitness comes to mind in that shot, fitness and fit food.

I keep watching that shot. I start to remember the feeling of the countless hours to learn to keep at it when you want to be competitive. As an amateur player, I use to work at it just like most athletes, until you cramp or just can't hit even another ball. Desire to be good, no, desire to be great was the only way. I was a lot younger, I had no coach. No one told me how to cross train, what to eat, how to improve my game. But I aspired to be a sportsman, particularly in golf. Early in the goal, by a freak accident I injured my right hand and spent three and a half years in casts with operations, pins and bone graphs. With aggrivating reluctance, and over a course of five years trying to reclaim what I had lost, golf became a different sport to me. I sideline my passion, making a self contract agreement to turn my already heady knowledge of restaurants into a full time career. After a time, you just have to say, 'Don't hang on, don't look back. Forward, forward, forward.' Can't head back to play that way now, but the love for fitness, and fitness through food remains.

Chefs are not known to be the fittest of people. We might think fit and want fit and try to respond to fit but long hours, consumer demands, classical recipes, tradition, an often weak discipline more prone to reward, and the ever demanding workday set a different course. One would think that food knowledgable chefs would be Top Fit@, not just Top Chefs. But another look says, Selling Food is the business, not fitness. Fitness seems to be the controlled business of sports. I differ! This is the time to change and blend both. If we leave it that way we deny in daily life what we really need to be healthy, smart food and a little fitness. There is a whole new world of food out there in combining the two at the everyday level. It is not about foam and smoking glass and mirrors or sensational networks from media. It is not about short term trends. It is about how you can interact with YOU, you and that body you live in every day. A recent look at TED's spells it all on health message. The information is out there.

Ahead of me is a huge fit future. When you feel the difference in eating what makes the body flexible and the mind alert, you see the notion of what I see as fit food. Take a look at global cuisines and you will easily understand that when many recipes were created no one knew of what could be the impact of diet and disease or think the world would move to longevity issues let alone have a computer to assist with modern insights. Centuries of work can now be applied to food and I am not talking about GMO's but cell driven nutrition.

Not long ago I introduced Oscar, my way of representing a new world of eco minded, body smart foods. With his help, and a clean slate on Fit Food from Foley, a whole new look at how to eat and cook with applications of Vegetable Alchemy are defining a fresh road to what is truly 'Healthy' and why. Keep joining in and take a peak. Oscar's Kitchen is not far away. May We Suggest.......