Tuesday, November 22, 2011

May We Introduce......

Vegetable Alchemy meet Oscar! We welcome you to our mission of revamping traditional recipes to better balance through the addition of more vegetables, herbs and spice. It is this parrot alongside, Jovan Tryboyevic, proprietor of the famed Mobile 5 star restaurant Le Perroquet who helped me hone my skills in the art and lifestyle of food and beverage. Enriched already with an incredible base from my restaurant family background, this bird, the man and the place> Le Perroquet inspired me to focus on the ability of a recipe to produce colorful, flavorful, satisfying healthful results.

I am fascinated with the healthy integrity of vegetables, herbs and spice, and gave Vegetable Alchemy definition, ' the art and science of combining vegetables, herbs and spices with other ingredients for body smart food and a better ecological future.

The form and function of what was fine dining style now shifts to a casual approach for day to day eating. Body strategic recipes combine with a little fitness to offer a lifestyle of overall body balance, anti-aging, health and longevity. One would think that after the advent of nutrition, enriched body sciences and the scores of websites detailing the increase in diet related diseases such as diabetes ( 285 mil, 2011 to 440 mil 2030), gluten intolerance, heart disease, cancer and others, we would start to overhaul recipes for a modern way of eating. Proactive….....one day at a time with changes that show that the modern way of life needs a modern diet.

Vegetable Alchemy: vegetable based; but not vegetable only, body minded, ecologically smart.