Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of American Cuisine !

As you can see, at my studio we are getting ready to start filming my new for Vegetable Alchemy.  Weekly we meet to work up topics and dishes so I can proceed to tell you all about this direction I want to share. It just happens to coincide with the bigger stage national debate on health care politics.  Almost monthly I find new exciting information on my route following what I see as the Evolution of Nutritional Intelligence.   In July, 2008 the editorial staff  of The James Beard House issued a 'paper' on The State of  American Cuisine.  It's content was a summary of surveys conducted on food trends from a national food festival, Taste America @.  I do not have the hyperlink but you have the title and can access it from the foundation website.  In reading it, I remember  the effort for millions of us to build American Cooking into a passionate,  global opportunity for investment:  media, products, distribution, food channels and much, so much more. It was a fun dedicated ride, up and down like a Riverview roller coaster. Yet never will it be even close to the NEXT chapter in food,  the clear theme of my new career to  focus my way of life on LONGEVITY.  

Working with a team of insightful, extraordinary cell biology folk it is obvious that life cannot succeed and extend on dead calories.  Our now 7 trillion dollar food business we label the 'food chain' owned inside and out by maybe 6 or 7 companies, has to  improve with active healthful honest nutrition. While you are waiting to see if that is really going to happen, I suggest you take it upon yourself as I am, to learn and pattern your own way of life around what the body needs and become versed in the ways of 'self care.'  In my studio kitchen I set myself up to develop a new style of recipe from the soil and sea to the plate ! In each case that recipe is enriched with discoveries of techniques to hold on to enzymes and use more digestible proteins for nutritional density, not just counting calories. The end result is less complicated simple food and more energy for me in every way.  I balance my food with an hour of fitness at least four times a week.  It is hard to explain my passion to move to a new style of recipe over the traditional I have cooked, but it is easy to see the results are a much happier and livelier me.

Life is about the living! From cells to smiles, from skin to stomach.  If we want to live, and live bright and long,  we have to change. We have to effect a change. The present food system offers generally empty calories in coffin boxes of refrigerated and shelf stable cases.  Nutrients are gone. Obesity has come. Life as we want it is not possible .  But we have new biology. We have information and physics.  Best of all I am able  to bring forward a new paradigm, a new NORM, a new cuisine, a CELL CUISINE tm.   I want to give it to the world like Steve Jobs gave Apple, Bill Gates gave Microsoft, Warren Buffet give Berkshire Hathaway.  There are those that create trends in life, then then those who rally paradigms and finally those that can create a 'New Norm'. CELL CUISINE tm is the new norm.  Each week I will write and offer a dish steeped in the research.  Stay tuned!

The road to American Cuisine was fun, but it is over. A new road opened.  Never look back! The gift of a body cuisine that is plant centric but not plant only is pure enlightenment, a cell cuisine tm destined to offer longevity.  Time to design a new Koolaid for life! The plan is already on my drawing board!  Back at you later in the week.  CELL CUISINE tm rocks!   happy wednesday!